PDS Advanced Employment training

We are here to change or grow your organisation: profitably, quickly and professionally.

Our service can be used in two ways. We can work directly with you as a specialist or we can help you to determine what you need by identifying the root issues, their causes and the key processes that need to be addressed before acting across a range of disciplines. This may take any form from a simple briefing to a Strategic Direction Day.

Our courses use simulations extensively to provide opportunities for students to learn & practice skills-based content. This “learning by doing'” model is far more effective than the traditional true/false, multiple choice approach. Live application software is not needed.

Interactive content is used often in the courses to engage the learner's attention, to reinforce and exercise skills being taught, and to provide feedback on the learner's grasp of a skill or concept.


Our courses are now delivered using either NETg softwre or TestOut LabSim software. With over 30 years experience in the learning industry NETg develops e-Learning solutions covering IT, desktop and business & professional development skills.

What is TestOut?

Quite simply, TestOut is at the cutting edge of learning. A combination of learning from an on-screen instructor, practice in your own time with LabSim simulations, and exam preparation with assessments, ensures you will be fully prepared for your certification exam.

Every TestOut product includes the following core components:

CourseSim video-based online instruction with an on-screen tutor will help to reinforce the learning - a face on screen and classroom demonstrations are more effective than the basic narration offered by similar packages.

LabSim simulated labs to practice new skills in a real-world environment. Learn as-live from your PC whenever and wherever you want.

ExamSim assessments and practice tests help you to prepare for the certification exams and to identify any areas of weakness.


Empoyment Education and training seminars, workshops and courses

All of the computer training courseware has been developed in partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Novell, CIW, IBM, and CompTIA.

... helping your company become more customer service oriented The PDS network aims to boost the productivity and profitability of the UK. We're doing this by identifying and tackling skills gaps and shortages on a sector by sector basis. In short, we're trying to get the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

Why choose PDS?

  1. Our team of specialists will advise you on what IT Training is best for you.
  2. We know what the requirements are for the various jobs. We will guide you.
  3. Keimos will provide you with the software that will ensure that your IT skills are updated in line with your certification and job requirements.
  4. Our computer course software and material are supplied by award winning Training materials suppliers and they are all approved by the certification vendors.
  5. The interactive IT Training material acts as a personal tutor, guiding you through the course and assessing each unit as you progress.
  6. All courseware follows the 'official curriculum' so you can be confident that you are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date content.